Console Commands

Frequently asked questions related to console commands for our clients.

Commands Example Cheat Protected IW4x IW6x S1x Description
name name John X Changes your name.
unlockstats unlockstats X X Unlock everything (IW4x + S1x) and rank up.
unlockall unlockall X X X Unlock everything (IW6x) and rank up.
cg_fov cg_fov 90 (Changes FOV to 90) X Manually tweak your desired FOV value.
sensitivity sensitivity 1.25 X The command is useful for fine tuning of your desired sensitivity.
intro intro 0 X X X Enables/Disables the IW4x intro.
cg_drawfps cg_drawfps 1 (enables) cg_drawfps 0 (disables) X Displays a FPS counter on-screen.
cl_yawspeed cl_yawspeed 800 X Adjusts the yawspeed (Turn Right/Left) sensitivity.
customtitle customtitle ^1Hello! X X X Adjusts your title with whatever you want.
com_maxfps com_maxfps "85" X Adjusts the FPS (this is only useful for doing a specific FPS)
r_fullbright r_fullbright 1 X Enable/Disable fullbright.
r_specularCustomMaps r_specularCustomMaps 1 X X X Enable/Disable specular custom maps.
safeArea_horizontal safeArea_horizontal .5 X X X Change the horizontal position of the safe area.
safeArea_vertical safeArea_vertical .5 X X X Change the vertical position of the safe area.
g_playerCollision g_playerCollision 1 X X Flag whether player collision is on or or off.
g_playerEjection g_playerEjection 1 X X Flag whether player ejection is on or or off.
connect connect (IP:Port) X Connect to specified IP and port.
map mp_mapname map mp_afghan X Change the map.
fast_restart fast_restart X Quickly restarts the match.
map_restart map_restart X X Fully restart the map.
status status X X Display information about the current game and players.
clientkick clientkick 1 X X Kicks the player by ID. Use the status command to obtain the client ID.
net_port net_port 28965 X Changes the port your server/game will run on.
camera_thirdPerson camera_thirdPerson 0 Enables third person mode.
cg_chatHeight cg_chatHeight 4 X The size of the chat that can be shown.
cg_draw2D cg_draw2D 0 Enables/disables the HUD.
ui_drawCrosshair ui_drawCrosshair 0 X Enables/disables the crosshair.
cg_drawGun cg_drawGun 1 Enables/disables the showing of your gun.
cg_drawPing cg_drawPing 1 X X Enables/Disables the ping counter.
drawLagometer drawLagometer 0 X X X Enables/Disables the lagometer.
cg_fovScale cg_fovScale 1.2 X Manually tweak your desired FOV value. (affects aim fov)
cg_gun_x cg_gun_x X Tweak x value of your gun. (In IW6x the max value is 2)
devmap mp_mapname devmap mp_rust - X X Change the map and enables cheats.
sv_cheats sv_cheats 1(enables), sv_cheats 0 (disables) - Enable cheats.
developer developer 1 X Enables/Disables developer mode.
g_speed g_speed 300 X Change game speed (requires devmap or sv_cheats 1) [Default = 190]
g_gravity g_gravity 300 (gravity is reduced by half) X Change game gravity (requires devmap or sv_cheats 1) [Default = 600]
bg_fallDamageMaxHeight / bg_fallDamageMinHeight bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 300 X X Changes amount you need to fall to take damage.
noclip noclip X Enables/Disables noclip mode.
ufo ufo Enables/Disables ufo mode.
god god Enables/Disables god.
jump_height jump_height 1000 X X Sets the jump height.
timescale timescale 2 X X Sets the scale of time.
r_znear r_znear 0 See through stuff.
r_fog r_fog 0 Enable/Disable fog.
sv_hostname sv_hostname "^2Server ^5Name" X Change the hostname of your server/private match.
g_gametype g_gametype gtnw X Change the gametype of your server/private match.
rcon rcon g_speed 200 X X Used for managing your server in game.
scr_game_high_jump scr_game_high_jump 0 X X X Disable the Exo Suits on a dedicated server.
spawnBot spawnBot 18 X Spawns bots into your game.
disconnect disconnect X Disconnects you from the current game.
reconnect reconnect X Attempts to rejoin the last game you were in.
quit quit X Closes your game.