An in-depth guide on how to setup controllers for IW4x.

Video Guide:

Text Guide:

As MW2 on PC does not natively support controllers, we must use external programs to make a controller emulate keyboard and mouse inputs. This guide will cover using Steam's Big Picture mode, which has this feature built in.

Step 1: Adding IW4x to your Steam library.

  1. Launch Steam and click the text in the bottom left that says '[+] ADD A GAME'.
  2. Select the option 'Add a Non-Steam Game...'.
  3. Click the 'Browse' button.
  4. In the browse file window, locate your IW4x install and select 'iw4x.exe', then click the 'Open' button.
  5. Now there should be a tick in the box next to iw4x, now simply click the button 'ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS'.
  6. Then, IW4x has been added to your Steam library and can be launched at any time from within Steam.

Step 2: Enabling Controller Configuration Support

  1. Connect your controller to your PC via USB or Bluetooth.
  2. Open steam and select the 'Big Picture Mode' mode icon (It's located at the top right of the steam window next to minimise).
  3. Once in Big Picture mode go to Settings (It's the cog icon in the top right).
  4. In settings, select the 'Controller Settings' option.
  5. Now, depending on the controller you are using, enable the configuration support. (e.g. For an Xbox controller, enable 'Xbox Configuration Support').

Step 3: Controller Configuration

  1. Again, while in Big Picture mode, go to settings then controller settings. Plug in your controller, make sure it is detected, and enable the configuration support for your controller.
  2. Go to your library, find IW4x, select 'Manage Shortcut' then the 'Controller Configuration' option. You will now be presented with a image with your controller.
  3. Now select the 'BROWSE CONFIGS' button (Xbox Controllers -> X Button) (PS4 Controllers -> SQUARE Button).
  4. You should now be on a list screen of configurations, Go to the 'Community' tab and press the 'SHOW OTHER CONTROLLER TYPES' button (Xbox Controllers -> Y Button) (PS4 Controllers -> TRIANGLE Button).
  5. Now search the list till you find the 'H3X1C's ELITE IW4x Config V2' Configuration, press the (Xbox Controllers -> A Button ) (PS4 Controllers -> CROSS Button) to 'IMPORT CONFIG'.
  6. Then, you just need to apply the configuration. For Xbox, this will be the "X" Button and for PS4 Controllers, this will be the SQUARE button.