An in-depth guide on how to repair a broken S1x install.

Getting Started:

IMPORTANT: This guide only works if you originally installed the game from the torrent, if you used steam you need to verify inside of steam.

  1. Locate your S1x Install, and make note of the folder name and folder path (Your folder name may differ from the example below).
  2. Download the following torrent and open it with qBittorent.
  3. Once prompted with the following screen click on the icon marked in red:
  4. Browse to the location of your S1x folder and mark it by clicking on it once. Now click "Select Folder":
  5. IMPORTANT: Under the content layout dropdown select "Don't create subfolder", after that hit OK to start the repair process:
  6. The torrent client will now check your game files and re-download missing or corrupted ones:
  7. Once your torrent says Seeding, click on the torrent and hit the pause button.
  8. qBit Stop Seeding

    Congratulations! Your game should now be repaired!