Below are guides to help you with any server issues you may have with IW6x.

IW6x Server Install Guide


Server Setup:

  1. Download the IW6x Dedicated Server Full torrent and place it in a location of your choosing on your VPS or PC.
  2. Download the IW6x client from the X Labs Download and place it into your server folder.
  3. Download the server configurations from GitHub, and place the files in the server folder.
  4. Carefully review and edit the configuration settings file to your liking. Give it a hostname, gametype, and remove/add maps that you want on the rotate, etc.
  5. Save the server.cfg file you just edited after you are done.
  6. Forward the TCP and UDP port (27016). If you changed the default port or are adding another server, you may need to open the following addition ports: 27017, 27018, etc.
  7. Run the start bat for the server you want and it should begin to load.

Known Issues:

  1. Currently, g_gametype in server.cfg does not work. Game type must be set in the map rotation. Example: set sv_maprotation "gametype war map mp_prisonbreak map mp_dart".
  2. Other issues may exist that are not covered here. This is an initial release, so be aware that you might experience difficulties running dedicated servers for IW6x.

Server Administration Software:

IW4madmin partially supports IW6x. Not all functions work but full support is planned as the client is further developed. For downloads and more more information, please visit IW4MAdmin.